Volcano and Hilo

My friend, Carolyn and I are up in Volcano for a little R & R.  So far we’ve made all the necessary stops…the Farmer’s Market, Yarn Basket, Rain (Clayton Amemiya’s gallery), Dragon Mama’s, and Rik & Alma Parker’s house and gallery. 

There was a new booth at the Farmer’s Market selling raw food products.  I had the beet patties which were tasty, but pricey.  Beet, not beef.  I guess it takes a lot of volume to get a patty after dehydration.  They were filled with tasty seeds and nuts.  One lady was selling delicious and fresh lemonade.

One of my favorite places to eat in Hilo is a Thai restaurant called Naung Mai and my favorite dish is Rama Tofu.  It’s tofu and peanut sauce on a bed of veggies.  It says spinach on the menu, but I’ve had it with ong choi and another time with broccoli and zuccini.  I imagine any version of it would be delicious.
We met Clayton at his gallery where I allowed myself five tea cups.  I have a line up of his tea cups to select from at home…I never get tired of them and they give me so much pleasure.  He invited us to come up to his place to see the new kiln he was building.  I was so angry at myself for leaving my camera at home.  He gave us the tour of the yard with chickens, eggs, chicks, beautiful species of heliconia and ti leaf, juicy tangerines and a sweet purple grape.  His home is divine simplicity…just a beautiful space.

I spent a lot of time perusing the yarn at the Yarn Basket.  I settled on a green alpaca that is soft and beautiful.  This is going to be the shawl in stockinette stitch.  I can’t wait to begin!  I spotted some other yarn I may go back for on Friday before we leave.

We stopped by Rik and Alma Parker’s house.  I call it a gallery because it’s filled with Alma’s fiber sculptures and paintings by her dad and another friend.  I recently photographed one of her pieces, a collaboration with Joanne Kahanomoku. 


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