Diving in Grand Cayman


Diving in Grand Cayman reminded me of how much I’ve missed diving.  I love the feeling of weightlessness and the freedom of exploring underwater without having to go to the surface gasping for air.  It’s quiet down there except for the sound of your bubbles and an occasional boat.  And mostly it’s spectacularly beautiful.

We finished our job at the Ritz-Carlton and headed for the Sunset House.  Sunset House is a compound of pink cement buildings right on the ocean in Georgetown.  There is a huge bar called My Bar that is open to the ocean with a thatched roof.  On Friday night the place was packed with locals and tourists.  They serve bar food – burgers and such – and items from their restaurant.  Some of the freshest fish I’ve ever had was there – ono and mahi mahi or wahoo and dolphin fish.  They served fish blackened in the way it was meant to be served – rubbed with spices and then seared in the hottest cast iron pan possible.  That way the fish is moist on the inside.  It was so hot (temperature) that we had to let it cool down to eat it.  The menu also had a selection of fantastic Indian dishes.  I had a spicy fish dish with raita (yogurt with cucumbers) and it couldn’t have been better.

The dive operation was well run.  Every morning the boat left at 8 AM for a two-tank dive.  We went to places with breath taking coral formations to swim through.  The light coming through the coral from the surface made for magnificent photography.  We purchased a Ikelite housing for our Canon 40D.  The thing is a beast to travel with, but once you’re in the water, it behaves like a charm.  The nobs on the outside make the camera fully functional.  Kris shot most of the photos, but he passed the camera to me once in a while.


Angelfish, sponges and butterfly fish were abundant.  We loved seeing the fish that we weren’t accustomed to in Hawaii.



This shot is taken at a location called Devil’s Grotto.  At the end, you can see a large fish.  It’s a beautiful silver tarpin with large, shiny scales.  They grow up to eight feet and I would guess that these were babies at four feet long.


After lunch, you’re free to dive as much as you want from shore.  There was pool carved into the edge of the water with easy access in and a ladder out.  Right at Sunset Reef is the mermaid statue that I’ve so often seen in dive magazines.  To see her in person gave me a thrill!  It was fantastic to be able to be immersed in diving.



Check out our flickr album for more photos!


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