On my way to Maine – yeah!!!

Today is travel day to Maine. My route was from Honolulu to Dallas and Dallas to Boston. Then I drove from Boston to Wiscasset, Maine. Armed with knitting, flying is really painless and quite productive. I’ve made progress on my zendo shawl:

I-95 from Boston to Maine is quite pretty. It’s lined with trees and you see very little buildings or industrial sites. I stopped at one yarn store and the market to purchase bottled water.
I left home at 5:30 PM and arrived at the B&B at 7 PM.
Tonight I’m staying at the Squire Tarbox Inn. I believe I may have mentioned it in the blog the last time I stayed here. Now I remember why I wanted so much to return. It’s in a remote part of Maine and miles from any highway. I was welcomed by Roni de Pietro. She showed me to my room, a small room perfect for one. A place had been reserved for me in the dining room.
The food is Swiss/German/Austrian/American. The roesti potatoes and spaetzel are amont my favorite things on the menu. Oh..there’s red cabbage stewed in vinegar and sugar. It feels like being in someone’s home, but not. Mario de Pietro is a chef extraordinaire. There’s nothing frou frou about his cooking. It’s traditional and it’s wonderful. Tonight I ordered a crab cake with roesti potatoes and red cabbage. Pardon the appearance of the photo. I got so excited at the sight of the roesti potatoes that I dug in before taking the photo. I did my best to reconstruct the plate.


Good night…I’m beat…


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