Living Pono – Jason Scott Lee

We recently saw Living Pono at the Hawaii International Film Festival.  Jason Scott Lee lives a few block away from our home in Volcano and is living off the grid with catchment water, no electricity…farming.  I loved seeing Volcano, a place that I've come to love.  I love living among ohia trees and hapu'u (native fern) and seeing apapane (red native bird) hopping around on the hapu'u leaves.  The film was a documentary about the way of live that Jason Scott Lee lives – green and off the grid.  We're not talking about recycling your plastic and glass.  We're talking about a small footprint on the planet.  Bathing in a bucket, washing clothes by hand and drying them on a line. 

was thinking that if you live so far away from Hollywood, you'll ruin
your career," Lee admits in the opening scenes of the film. "  I said,
'Career is nothing without the happiness and the joy inside.' Even now,
it's kind of hard to explain."

 He built the Ulua Theatre that seats about 80 people on his property and features.  The last time we were there we saw a play called Kamau about three Hawaiian cousins who lose the land that has been in their family for generations to developers.  It was thought-provoking and oh-so-local.  In the theatre, the energy of the area can be felt.  It's hard to describe until you've spent time up there.

What an example Jason is.  He is inspiring in his commitment to take care of the land.

When we're up in Volcano, I become more aware of the footprint I am making.  Our water source is rain catchment in two tanks.  If there is no rain, we have no water.  The use of fuel is evident as we have to refill small propane tanks and replace firewood.  There is no trash pick up so you always know how much you're putting into the landfill.  I love that about being up here.

  1. Naneki said:

    Heard Jason might be or has, moved from Volcano. Is that true?

  2. We haven’t been to Volcano lately as we’ve been traveling. I haven’t heard anything. Keep me posted.

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