Advice from Mark Bryan from the Artist Way Daily

A speaker at a photography convention mentioned "The Artist Way" by Julia Cameron and spoke about how "doing the book" lead her on her way to a creative and rewarding life.  Mark Bryan is her partner and is a coach.  Here's some good advice on fear and good advice for these times.

"Like most creative people, I have had way too much experience
dealing with financial and career ambiguity. Somehow it gives me comfort to
know that Thomas Jefferson, Rembrandt, and Mark Twain all went bankrupt despite
their genius.

I have no illusions about being in their class, I have had my share of
financial crises and recovery over my career. It somehow gives me
to know that much bigger brains than mine have also struggled with

The danger for me is in mental paralysis.  This usually happens when I am scared and I try
to think my way out of my fear or anxiety rather than simply doing what any other
animal would do naturally – which is run! Run fast, run hard.

No, I don't mean run away from my responsibilities, I mean literally,
RUN.  Exercise is especially important
when we are afraid or anxious. We need to walk, run, bike, swim, dance — any
body movement we can do to literally sweat the fear from our bones.

So, particularly if you are under financial pressure,
the rent is late, or you are fighting to make payroll, or having to get
a bridge loan to continue production, remember to RUN.You will sleep
much better for it.

Exercise keeps our mind sharper and our body more relaxed. It is harder to get new work when we are desperate, so if you are afraid, then allow your animal body some room to move.  

Happy Holidays, Mark"
The Artist Way Daily

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