Recession blues

This morning a client requested revised pricing and informed me that we are in a recession. I posted a plea for help on Facebook and a friend wrote a letter for me to send. It's too good for just Facebook so I thought I'd share it here. In case you don't know, we have three dogs.

"Dear Client,

On behalf of Kris, myself and the Eye of the Islands Ohana, we are pleased to extend our 2009 Economic Recession Rates.

you are aware, we at Eye of the Islands pride ourselves on our personal
touch, attention to detail, and dedication to all of our shoots. And,
in order to continue business we have released our human staff and have
turned to employing our "children."

Photography Fees –

– Mocha with camera tied around her collar – $50.00

– Takes GREAT ankle and knee shots. ALSO, first time ever, get the condition of your function room carpet!

-Latte with camera harnest on back – $100.00

– Harnest allows for higher point of view. WONDEFUL chest and boob shots.

Couples Photos:
– Kris will hand his camera over to you – $50.00

You deal with him always behind you making sure you don't drop it while
balancing your cocktails and boss figuring out where he should be, etc.

Eye of the Islands"

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