The death of Latte and Mocha left a huge hole…in our family, in our house. They were so much a part of every minute of our life. No one could ever fill that…we miss them and will miss them always. There is part of them with us, but not the part that we can touch.

I had been so sad. Haku was moping around the house. Kris went into action. I found him in his office cruising the internet. There was a site called that pulled up two cocker spaniel litters on Oahu. Kris wanted to go by himself so it wouldn't be so "emotional", but I begged him to let me go with. That was the fun part – looking at puppies.

We visted a military couple who had buff and tan female puppies. The mom was all buff and reminded me so much of Latte. She had her face and mannerisms. The dad was parti-colored and had a flatter face. They were adorable, of course. The next stop was in Hawaii Kai. I was hesitant to go because they had four males and I really wanted a female.

The four were chocolate and white, black and white, all black and all chocolate. I would have taken them all! We played with them, met their mom who was chocolate and white. Their dad didn't like the pups , but the owners brought him out for us to meet. He was beautiful – all black. He seemed to have a good temperment…just was done with puppies. I wasn't sure if I was ready for another dog and wanted to think. We took photos of the pups with my iPhone. 


Here is the first photo we took of the guy. We decided on the chocolate and white. He was just too cute for words. I called the owner and she said she's give us a discount on him because he was her favorite and she knew that we would be good owners.

On July 6, we went back to pick him up. We brought Haku with him as we wanted to see what he would do. Not really a good idea as you can't tell anything when dogs first meet. I guess we wanted to make sure that Haku wouldn't try to kill him.

The little pup took one look up at Haku and ran between my legs. I guess he wasn't going to be a threat to Haku.

It took a while to pick a name, but Murphy is perfect. His other nickname is Taz (as in the devil). Sometimes Taz fits him better.

He has totally taken over our household and is more than a distraction. He terrorizes Haku, but I think Haku is getting used to him. We've got to get him to puppy school soon!



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