Blog, Facebook, Twitter – revisited

A recent post by my friend, Kathy Beal, made me think about the methods of connecting with people on the internet in these busy times. I'm not sure why we're so busy, but I know we are. I've been awake since 4 AM just organizing my week. How crazy is that? A while back I wrote some thoughts about blogging. Twitter and Facebook.

The busyness part is the reason I've turned to Facebook to connect on the internet. It kinda lets people know I'm alive out here or wherever I am and says a little about what I think about things. Pretty light weight, no great writing commitment there. Email has become a huge thing that takes up so much time. Even though I've been able to get my in box to zero everyday, it still takes time to process all the information that comes in. By the time I'm done answering all the work email, I've got nothing left to write to friends. Sad, but true. Enter Facebook. I now rarely interact with friends on a daily basis unless they are on Facebook. It's so easy to go there, check in to see what people are up to and post a quick one liner. Better than nothing. And it's a lot of fun, too.

Yesterday, I ran into a friend and photographer, Arna Johnson, who asked me about Hong Kong. I mentioned that she MUST go to Mainland China. Where? Ah…my trip to China in 2005 was documented in my blog. It's become my memory as most of the chips in my brain are blown from too much indulgence. So I'm making another commitment to return to blogging. It may the only way I'll be able to remember what I've done. So when dementia sets in, hopefully, I'll remember how to read and can go back.


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