On the Road

We've been on the road so much and I love it! Thought I'd write about all the toys I travel with. It's mostly stuff to entertain myself on the long flights.

1. Bose noise-canceling headsets. The sound is just the best and it does cancel out some of the airplane noise. I love the product and the company. Mine was falling apart with age and use so Kris took it to be serviced. They could have fixed the earpiece, but the part that goes over the head would have fallen apart next. So they gave us a $100 credit toward a new one.

2. Kindle. I can have twenty books…actually way more than that to choose from. I've usually got four or five books going at the same time so it makes for manageable packing. I don't have to leave the fat cumbersome books behind.

3. Bucky pillow. It's a buckwheat-filled neck pillow that keeps me from drooling on the person I'm sitting next to and supports my neck.

4. Large cashmere scarf. This keep you really warm and you don't have to use the airline-provided scuzzy blanket. I bought one in China that was really inexpensive.

5. Sandles. Gotta have sandles for going through security with ease and kicking off while on the plane.

6. Power for the laptop and power at the seat. Seat selection here is very important. Use seatguru.com.

7. Moleskine and pen. Gotta be able to write. 

8. Water. Flight attendants never come around enough to keep me hydrated.

9. Food. Always have a ziploc bag of almonds at least.

10. Knitting. This is a most relaxing activity and is sometimes the only thing I do in flight.

11. Valium. If all else fails. I don't drink alcohol because midflight hangovers are killer!

I'm usually traveling with a laptop and camerabag, but still have plenty of room for these things. I hate heavy stuff so I really consider these things essential. Ha!


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