Ozoni – Japanese soup for New Year’s Day

This is really not my favorite soup, but it's one of those traditional things that I have once a year.

Ozoni – Mochi soup

Five cups of dashi and/or chicken broth
One block of kamaboko (Japanese fish cake – pink and white)
Two bunches mizuna
Four carrots – cut into matchstick pieces
Six small pieces of mochi – Toasted under the broiler
Six large shrimp – peeled and cut into thirds

Add carrots to dashi, cook until tender
Add thicker stems of mizuna
Add shrimp and kamaboko
Add mizuna leaves

To serve:
Put a portion of kamaboko, shrimp, mizuna, carrots and shrimp in each bowl.
Put toasted mochi on top
Ladle broth over all and eat when mochi has softened.

Good luck and Happy New Year!



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