Naomi, George & Photoshop

I'm playing with effects in Photoshop and have been wanting to play with two images. Here is the story about those images.

On January 5, our friends, Naomi and George, left for Southeast Asia. They are "on their last adventure." That's what George said. They sold their beautiful home in Volcano. For the time being, their website is still online so here it is: .

We met them while George was doing some finishing work on our house. He made beautiful shelves and a desk. I'll always treasure them as he left a part of him. We had them over for dinner a few times and, although we only knew them for a short time I appreciated that they were very special people. Old hippies. The best kind.

Before leaving, Naomi gave me her spices. She kept them in two jars – one with spices started from A to C and the other with spices from D to Z. Amazing how the names of spices begin with the letters A, B and C.

George gave me his I Ching books – two volumes. I so love that they are so worn and used that the cover of one volume is held together with duct tape. It made me so happy to have them. I love this photo because you can see Naomi's spices in the background.


We're following their travels on Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook. Wishing them the best and miss them in Volcano. Safe and rich journey to them!


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