A visit with a friend – Volcano

"I will always remember the native birdsong, 'ohia, ferns, orchids, curly antheriums, meeting friends, bleary eyes before Ka'u coffee, rain, smell of smoke, fresh fish, nuts, kale, kale, kale, nutmeg, bamboo shoots, cantaloupe, chocolate, "cheesecake", white pineapple, champagne, Menage ah red, cooking together, lying around, walking, and sleeping with Murph, zazen, talking story and tending the fire, bathing in rainwater, Volcano marketing, walking, dreaming, relaxing doing nothing, serendipitous shopping, Puka Puka, a peek into Clayton's modular rain forest studio spread, our laughter here and there…a generous gift of timelessness, my friend. Thank you for everyone and all it took through the ages to make it happen." Cheesecake

  1. Ginge said:

    Hi, Robin! I am just cruising today the day after Christmas, crocheting, reading and laying around looking at Face Book and taking the time to look around here on your blog. I hope you credit yourself for being incredibly organized and creative. Do you know how easy you are or come off in the world as easy to be with? Maybe that’s not the word…I love that your questing is so transparent…Happy New Year!

    • hiphotog said:

      Thank you, Ginger. I’m grateful that you’re my friend!

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