Black bitch

On Christmas eve a sweet black female dog showed up at our house. It was pouring rain so we let her on our deck, gave her something to eat and gave her a comforter to sleep on. She stayed through the night. When we woke up she was still asleep on the comforter.

We were gone for most of the day on Christmas. We took Murphy to Hilo for a walk in the park and drove along the Hamakua coast. Our new friend was waiting for us on the deck as if she was expecting us. Earlier that day, I noticed spots of blood which made us believe that she was in heat. Murphy showed absolutely no interest in her. We took Murphy for his usual walk through the neighborhood and new friend followed, but kept a distance. It was an eventful dog walk. On the road nearest ours, a new-to-the-hood Boston terrier came tearing out on to the road to attack Murph. Kris picked Murph up and the terrier kept jumping trying to attack him.

Then at the end of the road a dog that lives on the ranch, came charging out to attack Murphy. In an effort to get Murphy away, I fell. Kris kicked the dog and Murph and I escaped. During the skirmish, family members that lived on the ranch arrived home screaming at the dog. It was quite a dramatic scene. Our new friend appeared a while later. I saw her in the driveway. Then I saw HIM. The mean dog. Kris drove to the owner’s house to try to get someone to get him out of our yard. By the time he returned they were both gone. Later that evening, she returned…alone.

Three days later, she’s still here. We’ve called the Humane Society and no one has reported her missing and the no-kill animal shelter has no room for any more animals. We’ve posted signs at both general stores. Our vet on Oahu said that the dog could be spayed after she was out of heat and, if pregnant, spaying would abort. Just trying to see what would make her attractive to potential adopters.

This evening in the middle of dinner, Kris looks out the window to the deck and notices that a chihuahua has appeared. A male…big surprise. I escort him off the deck, but he slipped back in. I got close enough to notice his tag – “Katsu.” Julie’s daughter’s dog! Julie, our neighbor is dog-sitting for her daughter. We try to call her number, but get a message that they are not accepting calls. A few minutes later we see a car slowly driving down out street. We’re in a really quiet neighborhood with no traffic so any car is really noticeable, especially one that is going slowly down the street. I run out and can hear Julie calling for Katsu. I yell for Julie, but she can’t hear me. Kris grabs a flash light and heads over to Julie’s house. Yeah! She’s happy to retrieve her daughter’s dog.

Murphy??? Not interested in a dog in heat. He’s not fixed. What’s up? It’s a good thing.

Tomorrow I’m heading down the hill to find a vet or Humane Society to see if our girl has a chip. A friend is coming by who may be interested in having a dog. Kris and I have resisted giving her a nickname and I haven’t touched her. We don’t want to get attached.

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