Finding 2011

Trying to figure out the things I want to change in 2011. Mark Bittman has a lessmeatarian plan that sounds like a good way for health and the planet. Sign up here:

What do I have to do?
Make a commitment to yourself (and to me, not that I can hold you to it) to reduce your consumption of meat, dairy, over-processed carbohydrates, and
junk food.”

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  1. Ginge said:

    Robin, yes, let’s do it…I just returned from Kokua and was arguing with myself…I put the peach kefir back on the shelf along with the feta, butter, sour cream, 1/2 and 1/2 for coffee, corn flakes, ice cream, and sticky buns. I am working on a recipe for “sour cream” made with hemp seeds. I have hope. I’ll let you know how it comes out. Being with family was wonderful. The food department was so tempting and I was tempted. Good thing I was sick and had not much appetite! How can I support you in this food adventure? Missing you guys. My love to Kris and Murph.

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