Tea Hawaii on the Big Island

We’ve been interested in growing tea in a small way up here…maybe just to make a cup. The plant is beautiful with dark glossy leaves. Being in the camelia family, they are very similar in appearance. We went to visit Tea Hawaii up here in Volcano owned by Eva Lee and Chiu Leong. Both are artists so their place is stunning.

They are growing tea in the understory of the rainforest. The forest canopy protects the tea from the fog that affects so many of farmers.

Tea among the ohia trees in the rainforest

Tea bud - ready for picking

The photos below show Eva sharing a tea tasting. I love Chiu Leong’s porcelain tea cups so.


  1. Robin, I love the new look of your blog! I may have to consider wordpress for mine! Your photos show off beautifully with the clean look.

    • Thanks for checking it out, Barb. It’s FREE!

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