Cancer Blog Resolutions

I’ve never met this amazing gal who is in stage 4 colon cancer. I “met” her through her sister. At that time, I read her funny posts and thought then and still think that she can teach us a lot about living.

Here are her New Year’s Resolutions:
“1. Not to make any promises
2. Not to quit anything I actually enjoy
3. Exercise when I want to, not because I have a fat flappy tush
4. Wear ugly socks. I like ugly socks. They’re usually more comfy than anything else, so I figure I can’t blow this resolution
5. Talk with a thick accent when I don’t want to talk to someone. Maybe they’ll go away. Unless they’re from the country I’m poorly trying to mimic, then I’m screwed. Okay, scratch
this one
6. Act sillier. Acting all nice and refined has gotten me nowhere. Maybe it even caused my cancer. I’ll just be a notch goofier than usual.
7. Cook more for myself. I haven’t done this in a while. I’m not talking about health food either. We’re talkin’ nice, hearty polish or italian fare. Cream sauces galore. Yeah baby! I
can’t get nookie, I’ll go for cookie!

I think that covers it. What are yours?”

Here’s a link to her Cancer Blog:
You can join her supporters there!


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