Follow up to Black Dog story

This morning our black dog friend appeared. Murphy was happy to see her again and it was really touching to see them together. Kris and I had been hoping that someone was taking care of her as she hasn’t appeared at our house for five or six days. She had a different collar on and appeared to have chewed through a rope that was hanging from it. She walked with us a bit.
In a while, a white older car slowly approached us. We know well the look of someone looking for a dog. I motion to him asking him if this is his dog and he nods as he gets out of the vehicle. We find out that our girl has been hanging out between his house and ours since Christmas. He saw the “found dog” signs I posted at the general stores in the village and changed the phone number on the signs to his. After getting no response, he took her to the vet where he had her spayed. He hasn’t decided on a name yet, but he’s definitely keeping her. We’re so happy for her!


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