On the way to Red Mountain

Tonight I’m flying out to go to Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah.

I’ve been feeling like I needed a kick start to get me fit for the New Year. A friend of ours went to the spa for a week and has lost 25 pounds with her new life style.

It’ll be fun to hike in the cold. I’ve got fingerless mittens so that I can shoot and some outdoor gear for the weather. Indoors, it’s gonna be layers of tee shirts. You don’t need much in Hawaii so I’m going with what I have…just a lot of it.

This part of my journey is going to censored from Twitter and Facebook. Maybe a few entries will be shared. Gotta get packing!

1 comment
  1. Ginge said:

    Ah, censored? Whatdayamean? Will you enter into WordPress? Or are you just going to disconnect for a while? You’ll be mov’n around so much you won’t need much in the way of warm clothes. Whatever, have a great time enjoying your beautiful self in beautiful Utah!

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