First full day at Red Mountain

Whew! It’s been a fun? filled day. I stayed up really late working on a video project last night. As a result I overslept and was late for my appointment to assess my resting metabolism. They need to do that before you’ve exercised or eaten anything to see how much your body needs to be a couch potato. That determines the minimum amount of food you can eat. The doc was super understanding and accommodated me later that morning. It seems that my metabolic rate is really, really low thus the weight gain due to my now sedentary lifestyle.

After that I had a lunch meeting with our weight loss group. That seemed like an oxymoron. We were given a rundown of the schedule – lots of counseling is needed for weight loss. Had a great lunch…small portions of everything. They have little dishes out beside each dish to show you what a portion looks like. What a reality check!

After lunch, I had a personal training session with a gal who kicked my butt. We went through a series of interval stuff. I thought I was gonna die. She said that’s the way I should feel. Not really, but she did give me quite a workout.

Next was a tai chi class in the Canyon. I swear I will bring a camera next time as this canyon is one of the beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The surrounding mountains had the red cliffs of Huang Shan in China, white mountains like Georgia O’Keefe’s White Place, lava flows like the Big Island, and red red rocks like Sedona. The energy in this place is amazing.

What is a photographer doing out there without a camera? I did bring a point and shoot, but I really wanted to focus on fitness and health. That is what I came for.

This evening I went to a gentle yoga class. Good night!


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  1. Ginge said:

    Good going, Robin! Pack that camera for a little extra weight! Ha! Now, what about the spa soon? The seaweed wrap will boost your metabolism a bit, that is if you have any time or energy left to go spa-ing…just returned from Church of Cross Road where Roshi was awarded the life-time MLK award. Beautiful service, lost of singing. History of Tea tomorrow…onward.

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