Dog Walking with Ivins Animal Shelter

Ivis Animal Shelter

The Red Mountain Spa offers a program where guests visit the Ivins Animal Shelter and walk the dogs. It’s a great no-kill shelter. The facility is better than many kennels I’ve seen. Each kennel has a run and dogs have beds as long as they don’t eat the bed. The shelter has a 98% placement success rate. While we were there, there was an adorable Bull Terrier pup with a neurological issue. They were looking for a special home as this puppy will need special care throughout its life and will grow to be 80 pounds.

My dog today was  Lily, part German Shepard, alpha female who wanted food and to be in front of the pack. I hope they find a home for her as she was so sweet.

What a wonderful program for the humans and dogs!

Lily and me

1 comment
  1. Ginge said:

    Hey, you girls are both looking good! What a beautiful animal Lily is. Will you bring her home? Jus’ kidding!

    What’s for dinner tonight?

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