On the way to Bhutan

Just landed in Seoul after a ten hour flight from Honolulu. Korean Air is fantastic. My flight from Honolulu to Seoul was so pleasant. It was probably the best ten hour flight I’ve ever been on. The flight attendants were polite, helpful and just really nice. They wore light turquose uniforms with ivory-colored jackets and they looked kinda like nurses.

Our first meal was bi bim bap. So wonderfully prepared. Each item came separately – the veggies, steamed rice, hot sauce and sesame oil. That way the rice was steaming hot and you could mix it all together as you would in a restaurant. The care they took to serve a meal like that to the masses was much appreciated by me.

The second meal was a teri chicken, rice and vegetable. At the end, we were served lovely ice cream. Two meals! It was perfect because they were light and spaced out perfectly.

Each seat had a private entertainment device loaded with movies, music, and games. Classics and the latest movies were on the list – The Way We Were, Black Swan, True Grit, Secretariat, Great Gatsby. Very, very nice.

This was in COACH!!!

I arrived in Bangkok at 1 AM and easily found the free shuttle to the Novotel by the airport. It’s 2 AM and I’m comfortably settled.

Just heard about the earthquake in Japan. Prayers are needed from all.


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