Tshechu at Talo Village

The Tshechu is one of the reasons I came to Bhutan. Today we attended one in Talo that has only recently allowed the public to attend. The Tshechu is a religious festival. Monks do dances in great costumes with masks used to enact Buddhist fables. People wear their finest attire and really dress for the occasion.

Hunter in mask

One of the festival characters.

Pam, Karin, Judith, and me

Young monks at the Tshechu

Dried chili. Tried some of these - slightly sweet. Loving the chilies here!

Mary Noel with some Bhutanese children. They love being photographed.

Shot from the bus window on the drive today.

1 comment
  1. Ginger said:

    Fabulous shots, Robin! I love the one of the young monks arm in arm! Thanks for peek at your experience of Bhutan.

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