Waikane Store and Waikane Fruit Stand

Made a stop today at Waikane Store. I’d heard about their fried chicken and sushi. The store is no store. There is no merchandise except for a few soft drinks and large containers of chicken marinating are in the reefers. We ordered the fried chicken and sushi. I read about the chicken on a food blog or something and it was great. Flavor was delicious – secret in the marinade. I’m guessing shoyu, ginger, sugar and other enhancements deep-fried to golden perfection. The sushi is plantation style with canned tuna in the filling. The su (vinegar dressing) for the rice was the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Then we went to visit the fruit stand next to the store where my sister-in-law and niece ordered chilled coconuts. Coconut water is supposed to be really good for you with qualities that neutralize the system. But my niece was after the creamy young coconut goodness inside. The coconuts did not disappoint!

Charming lady at the fruit stand


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