Cleaning the freezer I

We’re having a quiet night at home. I made a hash out of leftover potato salad and pork loin…just added some tomato sauce and basil. Sounds weird, but it was tasty.

Then I thought I’d inventory/clean the freezer. The whole thing turned what could have been a boring evening into an interesting project…maybe only to me, but…

So in the very top shelf of the vertical freezer here is what I found:

For ramen: mustard cabbage, kamaboko and fish balls (these are not fish testicles…they are fish puree “meatballs”

Bags of spices from Campo dei Fiori in Rome – one labeled “Meat Mix Cooking Together.” Huh?

Corn tortillas


Guanciale also from Rome – click on the link to find out what it is. Jamie Oliver uses it a lot.

Bag of jalapenos, red bell peppers, and tomato paste (not all together)

Aburage (deep-fried tofu)

Too much information, I know. But I love the crazy mix of food!

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  1. Mike said:

    Hi Robin-your freezer inventory caught my eye-what an insight into a foody’s head! Here’s mine!
    Sliced almonds, three partial bags of pine nuts, wild onions harvested in the spring from my yard, sausage casing (pork), powdered sugar, tuna that needs to be thrown out, andouille sausage, 5 2oz portions of foie gras (NOT throwing that out!), cornbread for some future stuffing, gulf shrimp,2 State Fair corn dogs, 1/2 pint of Cherry Garcia,and two baggies of home made chili (too hot to eat that now!).
    Approaching 60 days of 100+ temp days here this summer in Dallas…come on Fall!

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