Okinawan Festival Bon Dance


Okinawan Festival Bon Dance, a set on Flickr.

Labor Day weekend is the time for the Okinawan Festival in Hawaii. This year I wanted to photograph the Bon Dance which was held on Saturday night.
We were there in time to catch some of the activity in the booths. The Okinawan food in Hawai’i evolved during the plantation days. Andagi (Okinawan doughnuts) and pig’s feet soup are standards. It was the first time I tried taco rice. The contents of a Mexican taco (beef, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa) is served over a bed of rice. Interesting.
The Eisa is what I really wanted to photograph. It is a dance performed in a circle with drumming, singing, and chanting. It’s exciting to watch the athletic performances of the men and women as they drum, dance, sing and chant. There are no breaks between songs and it’s fast-paced. Their costumes are vibrant and it’s a visual feast!


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