Mochitsuki at Akiko’s Bed and Breakfast


Akiko Mochitsuki, a set on Flickr.

These are photos from the 14th Annual Mochitsuki at Akiko’s. It was a wild happening with lots to do – iChing readings, taiko drumming, yummy food from Miyo’s Restaurant in Hilo…community.

Via Flickr:
December 31, 2011
Hakalau, Hawaii

  1. Mary Charles said:

    Great…great…great! The very first photo of the older lady with the ski cap goes in the note card pile as does the one with the straw go-aheads and the little statues! Back in HNL….back to reality! UGH!

  2. Peter said:

    Nice set Robin! Made me homesick!

  3. hiphotog said:

    MC – Thank you for the encouragement.
    Peter – Let me know when you want to come up!

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