Kolea is my name and I am a golden plover. I make the long journey from Alaska to Hawaii, over the ocean, soaring above the mountains ranges, direct flight, no stops. Strong and sleek are my wings and I know the way straight and sure. My wings cut through the air like a sharp blade and I dip and turn to navigate the currents of air…like breathing.The ocean below with caps of white is enormous from my viewpoint. Miles and miles of wetness are below me as I make my way south to warm weather. The sky is broad and open, constantly changing as the sun rises and sets. Clouds float below and look like a place to land…but not for me. I have made this journey a few times before and do it becuase it is part of who I am. I do it without question because this is what I am made to do…it’s in my blood, bones and feathers. The destination is in sight…Hawaii. I can see the edge of the land that my heart knows. This is where I will land. It is my place.

  1. Kalani Chong said:

    Aloha Robin, I love your musings about the Kolea, very beautifully put. May I use what you wrote in a cabin I am currently building in Alaska for a vacation rental? I’d like to enscribe it on a plaque or use it somewhere on my proposed website as the cabin will be called Hale Kolea. Of course your name would always appear to rightfully assign credit. Your thoughts are welcome. Mahalo nui!

    • I would love that. Kolea are very special to me. Can you share the link to your site when it’s up?

  2. Kalani said:

    Mahalo for that! I will definately keep you posted when our site is up and running.

  3. Kalani said:

    Aloha Robin! Hope all is well with you. It’s been awhile and I promised to keep you posted. Our website is not live yet, but its design is in progress. However, our social network is up and running. Please visit us at facebook.com/HaleKoleaCabin. We’re also on twitter: https://twitter.com/HaleKoleaCabin. Construction photos can be viewed at flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/81300188@N05/ and Instagram: http://statigr.am/viewer.php

    Mahalo for your beautiful poem. My father, an artist, is sketching a kolea montage and your poem will accompany it in a frame that will be showcased in Hale Kolea Cabin. An exciting process! Take care. Aloha, Kalani.

    • Looking forward to watching the progress on Facebook and especially to seeing your father’s sketch. I love the kolea!!!

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