From the Clouds

The little kolea below looks tiny from up here. Her long legs are those of a sand bird with a beak for picking up crustaceans and insects from their tiny hiding places. She’s sporting a black and white tuxedo on her chest. It’s very distinctive and she’s dressed for this journey.

Her strong wings will take her where she needs to go. I watch her as she soars above the vast ocean – her destination nowhere in sight. I’ve watched her for days as she glides, the wind as her ally. There is no stopping for food or water and I wonder at her power.

I’m going along for the ride – the wind drives me as it drives her. She flies through me and I can feel her heartbeat. We’re connected.

Ah! She has found her resting place for the winter…a large field. Oh, my! It’s a golf course fairway. It’s the same one she visited last year and the year before. No longer hunted by the native people for food, she can feel safe here where she’ll winter until it’s time to make the journey North. I’ll be going with her then.


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