Lotus Survived

We have a miniature lotus in a water pot that I’ve treasured. I threatened its life by introducing another water plant with the sweetest little white flower into the pot. As I naively admired the little white flowers that bloomed daily, I didn’t think about what was going on beneath the surface. One day, I thought I would thin out the new plant as it had spread across three fourths of the surface of the pot. I discovered that it’s roots had overtaken the container my lotus was in. I tried to pull out the roots, but was afraid of killing the lotus as well.

Kris saved the original lotus and separated it so that we have three, maybe four plants now. Our first lotus bud appeared two days ago, too. Yay! Moral of the story is to beware of those cute, sweet things. Ha!


  1. Suzanna said:

    Hi, Robin,

    Gorgeous lotus!

    When are you coming home to the Big Island? I miss you.

    Aloha, Suzanna

  2. Mary Charles said:

    Yes we have two sweet young things running around causing mayhem! Another great card in the making with the photo!

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