Tofu and avocado salad – YIMMY!

I’ve been making Marc Matsumoto’s tofu and avocado salad. It’s simple and delicious.

But my favorite way to make tofu is pan fried until it’s got a crispy golden crust – like Michael Natkin does. It truly does make tofu “freaking delicious.”

Last night I decided to combine the two using cubed pieces of fried tofu in the avocado salad. Then I added tomatoes…really sweet ripe ones. It was amazing!

IMG 3360

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  1. Suzanna said:

    Hi, Robin,

    This salad looks soooo good! Sounds like it’s incredibly tasty as well.

    Would you like to join Rochelle & I tomorrow morning (Tues) at 7am at the parking lot next to the post office for a dog walk on Mauna Loa Road? If you’re not up to taking your hounds, come join me in my car at 5 minutes before 7am. We need to catch up!

    So glad you’re back for a while, Robin!

    Aloha, Suzanna

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