Need help picking images for a Thanksgiving show

Working on images for a Thanksgiving show. Can you tell me which of my iPhone images you like or think work together? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  1. Malia said:

    My favorites are: the bamboo, ocean, colorful window and dead lotus. 🙂

  2. Malia said:

    the close-up of the ocean shore I should say…

  3. Hoku said:

    2015, 2061, 2221, 0754

  4. Beth said:

    My favorites are 1879, 2061, 3612, and 3277.

    • hiphotog said:

      Thank you, Beth. Really appreciate you taking the time to look!

  5. Robert said:

    2446 – the crack down the eye looks like a tear like she just wtinessed something that made her cry. I’m a bit partial to black and white but I like the hidden lotus. also bamboo and your dirty kithchen….I mean kitchen buddha. haha

    • hiphotog said:

      Thanks, Bobby. Love your comments…they always make me laugh. See you soon!

  6. You have such a wonderful eye!
    The images i resonate most with (in this post, from top:) are #’s 2,3,4,8,9,10,12,13
    Beautiful. I guess I prefer the ones that have little added textures by the apps.

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