About Open Studio in Volcano

We had a wonderful time during our Open Studio in Volcano. So many cool people stopped by and we were able to get to know our neighbors. Kris did an amazing job of hanging my photos and making me look good.

The deck we have has wonderful natural light and has turned out to be a beautiful gallery without walls. The photographs are hung from the roof and Kris anchors them to the rail. He painstakingly straightens them. Because of the rain and humidity, the photos need to be taken down each night. Crazy!

Our friend, Clayton Amemiya brings his beautiful anagama pottery up and we share this special space. I never tire of looking at his work…each piece is unique and beautiful.

This year, my theme was iPhoneography…I’ve embraced this medium and love, love, love shooting and processing images with my phone. I’m offering a class in Eyephoneography Basics on January 5 at our home. I can’t wait!





  1. David said:

    Robin and Kris—you have a beautiful place there—wish I could visit your “gallery”! Of course, I have my own mini Robin gallery with several Eye of the Islands prints I was privileged to receive over the years. I’ll never forget our good times together, and I miss them a lot.


    • hiphotog said:

      Good hearing from you! Miss those old days!!!

  2. Suzanna said:

    Beautiful, Robin & Kris!

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