Passion Fruit – Lilikoi

This is one fruit that is aptly named. The fragrance of passion fruit or lilikoi in Hawaiian has a heady perfume. My friend, Clayton Amemiya, brought us the most amazing fruit. They were sweet and the pulp is this amazing shade of orange. I’ve been cutting them open and eating them with a spoon. Nom nom nom!!! Awesome goodness!!!


  1. Malia said:

    They used to be my favorite fruit too until recently. I have a friend that has a very prolific vine and I ate them for 2 months straight, just like that with a spoon, and totally O.D.’d. 🙂

    • hiphotog said:

      Hahaha! I can see how that could happen. I don’t have to worry because I’m almost out of them. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. One of my favourites! Ours are purple here, and I loved raiding my grandmother’s vines that grew on the sunny side of here house near the sea. No frosts in her corner of Christchurch so they did rather well. The smell was divine!

    • hiphotog said:

      I’ve seen the purple and they are beautiful. Someone probably brought them here from New Zealand.

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