Happy New Year 2013 – Volcano

Goddess in Volcano

Goddess in Volcano

We’ve been so lucky to have spent the holidays in Volcano. We’ve been up here since November and love the cool weather. Even when it rains, it’s beautiful.

Maddy especially loves it here. She can go on walks without a leash and play at the Volcano charter school with her friends – a border collie, two Rhodesian ridgebacks, three Irish setters and a boxer. At home she loves lounging by the wood-burning stove.

Maddy Lounging.

Maddy Lounging.

This year we made our kadomatsu out of bamboo from our yard and Tsugi pine(Japanese cedar) from a nearby tree. It’s our non-traditional version of the Japanese New Year decoration symbolizing longevity and prosperity.

Murphy and our kadomatsu

Murphy and our kadomatsu

Every year on New Year’s Day, I make o-zōni, Japanese soup with mochi (rice cakes). This year, I used the bones from an onaga (the most delicious of fish in Hawaii) to make the stock. Vegetables were juliennned carrots,radishes and sliced mizuna. We didn’t make it to any mochi pounding events, but one of our neighbors brought us some to toast for our soup.

Ozoni 2013

Ozoni 2013

Kris and I went for a walk in Volcanoes National Park along the rim of Kilauea Iki. What a fabulous way to begin the New Year. Happy 2013!!

Composite - Walk in the Park.

Composite – Walk in the Park.




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