Hilo Mochitsuki 2013

This mochitsuki has become a tradition for us. Our friends in  Waikea Uka host this annual cultural event and have been doing this for 45 years at their home. We love seeing their friends and family each year…they are so welcoming…local-style. Glutinous rice is steamed in multi-level wooden steamers, mushed with wooden sticks and then pounded with wooden mallets  until the desired consistency is achieved. The pounded rice is transferred to a table where the mochi is formed into cakes that will be used for the New Year’s celebration.20131229-065959.jpg Mr. Ura pounding.20131229-065940.jpgRobert and Kris. 20131229-070020.jpg Frank and Dylan.20131229-070011.jpg Garrett and Dylan.20131229-065931.jpgPearl, one of the sake girls. 20131229-070534.jpg Forming the mochi – Mrs. Ura and gang…matriarchs of the family.20131229-070729.jpg Mushing the mochi.20131229-100124.jpg Gaylyn and Mrs. Ura and sake.20131229-100108.jpg Kagami mochi – for good luck.

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