To a Tree

Our triangle palm

Our triangle palm

You tower above everything…standing tall in the far corner of our lot in Kaneohe. Your trunk is now thick and rough from years of growing in the sun.
I remember when you arrived. We bought you at Star Garden Shop in Mo’ili’ili – it’s now a Walgreen’s. Triangle palm, you were a hot item on the landscaping circuit and the store manager recommended that we take you home. Your whispy silvery leaves fanned out of the plastic pot you came in and there wasn’t even a hint of a trunk. At twenty-five dollars, you were a high ticket item for us. We got married that year – it was twenty-two years ago.
Slowly your truck grew a bit and the triangle base of your fronds showed themselves for that is how you and your kind were named. We never put you in a fancy pot…your light colored fronds were fancy enough. You stood on a plate on Kris’ ice blue carpet…the carpet that I spilled a jug of oil on sometime before we sold the place.
Two years after you arrived, we purchased a home in Kaneohe. Kris nurtures plants – he truly is a plant whisperer – lucky you. You came along with the other plants he had, some before meeting me. The variegated ficus, a fishtail palm and some other plants came with us as well…I didn’t know their names.
In Kaneohe, you lived indoors at first. You had grown to over five feet in height. For the first year you stayed in the living room on our white Berber carpet. There was a lot of light streaming in from the jalousie windows. The fact that I never purchased any drapes helped let the light in.
Then we brought Latte home. She was my first dog ever, a buff and white Cocker spaniel, and I adored her. She taught me everything I know about unconditional love. And she was the cutest terror ever…racing around the house biting and chewing everything in sight, including us. We had to find a place for you outside to save your life.
In the covered patio we found you a place with the ficus, bird’s nest fern, and mother-in-law’s tongue and you continued to thrive. We added a water garden with white water lilies and lavender water hyacinths to the area.
When you outgrew that patio, Kris found a place for you in a corner garden – you were the focal point. It must have been a good move because lots of little palms sprouted from the seeds that came from the giant pods you produced. You tower at over forty feet. Now many generations of palms from your seeds are all over the island in new homes.
In a year or two we plan to sell the house and move. Sadly, you won’t be able to come with us. Until then, I’ll appreciate seeing the beauty in you and be grateful that I’ve been able to enjoy you for as long as I have.

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  1. Steve Szabo said:

    Beautifully written! Thank you!

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