Ready or not – Hurricane Iselle and Julio heading our way


Hurricane Iselle and Julio are on their way to the Hawaiian Islands. Iselle is scheduled to hit the Big Island this afternoon and Oahu tomorrow morning. I’m concerned about our single wall cedar cottage in the rainforest on the Big Island. It’s old. I think about the statue of Buddha, table on the deck, the roof on the deck, the chimney. We’re not on the island to secure these things, but our dear friend, Ginger, has moved the chairs that were on the deck into the house. The table is too heavy for her to move and we really haven’t got a place to put it.
We had excavators clearing the site and there are huge ohia tree trunks lined up on the ground.
There are so many things that could happen…so many possible dangers. I’ve joked about the fact that we’re stocked up with champagne, but I can’t help but recall the loss of property on Kauai in the last two hurricanes, Iniki and Eva. Some of the businesses have never come back. I’m not talking about small shops…there are hotels that haven’t reopened. Those hurricanes were in 1982 and 1992.
Here’s a situation completely out of our control. Sure…we can stock up on water and canned food. But there is no way to secure our roof. On Oahu we have a house with single wall construction and most of the homes in Hawaii do. Because we don’t need to worry about extreme weather most of the time, this has been the way we’ve built our homes. You never know what might be overlooked and become a potential projectile. It’s so important to keep your home and neighbors safe.
Murphy and Maddy were crate-trained as puppies and they’ve always eaten in their crates. We wanted to make sure they were comfortable and knew that their crates were safe places. Maddy will hang out in hers. She knows it’s her safe space. Murphy is not into it, but he knows which crate is his. This was done for the sole purpose of having a safe space for them in case of emergency. I just did a search on the internet and closest pet-friendly shelter is at Castle High School, my alma mater. Hopefully we won’t need to go there. We’re planning to stay at home no matter what. I think the only thing that would bring us to a shelter is if we ran out of water and our house was gone. Without a roof, I believe we could live in our house for a short time. Anyway, it’s impossible to imagine everything that could happen.
Even though this situation is really serious and poses a tremendous amount of potential danger and loss, it also brings the community together. Sometimes when we go about our daily lives, thinking of the next thing we have to do, worrying about something that happened in the past, we forget that we share this planet with a lot of other beings. We get so stuck in our heads. I’m saying we, but I really mean me. I become self-centered and self-focused. The wars away are so far away and when you are bombarded with the news of bad stuff, you can’t help but become a little hardened to the reciting of statistics and horror. It’s a constant barrage and we need to numb ourselves somewhat in order to function.
People I’ve met in the water aisle of the grocery store and in line buying storm “necessities” have been nicer than usual as we commiserate on the arrival of the impending hurricanes. A lady with her daughter that I met in the water aisle and I shared the last of the water at the store. A man saw me look at my phone and asked for the latest update. Some of the most interesting people-watching can be found in the line at the grocery store. I love to see what people consider essential. It’s kind of like the Burning House site where people photograph the things they would take if their house was burning. Here is my version6784960341_c349d09bce_b
It’s very interesting stuff – shopping carts prior to a hurricane.
We’ve received calls from friends and family on the mainland and lots of concern on Facebook. Facebook is great for keeping people connected. I guess it’s big news on the mainland when Hawaii has bad weather. We do live in a place with perfect weather. It’s wonderful that people have stopped to let us know that we are in their thoughts.
We’re off to fill our gas tank and get eggs and cream. I’ve been avoiding coffee, but I think coffee and hurricanes are a good pairing. Need cream.

  1. Linda R. Duarte said:

    Well said Robin… I have such similar feelings… So many emotions get stirred up, You stay safe and dry, hopefully you don’t need to return to Castle any time soon….

  2. David Bloyd said:

    Robin—our thoughts, prayers, and aloha are being sent your way. Stay safe and know that we care.—David and Tammy Bloyd

    • Thank you, David and Tammy. Miss you guys!

  3. Keith Aragaki said:

    you guys ok?

    • Yep! Kris is sick, but other than that we’re doing great.

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