The first day on the Nakasendo Highway.

IMG_2939.JPGLook at me!

IMG_2930.JPGSoba at Juri.

  1. said:

    Beautiful Autumn scenery, I so miss Autumn! You & beautiful orange tree listing to the side, yes, I get the picture. Had no idea you’d be hiking such long distances. Good for you, Robin.

    Love the food photos as well. Looks delicious & so artfully presented.

    Finally, after 4 days of constant rain, we have clear skies and it’s getting colder/wonderful sleeping & hiking weather. I love it!

    People on the mainland keep asking me how the Pahoa Hwy, near closure, will impact us in Volcano. When Pele also closes Railroad Avenue on the coast and people use Chain of Craters Road, can you imagine the traffic we’ll be dealing with? Long lines at the entrance booth into the Park? Merging onto Hwy 11? Wow! Slow travel between Volcano & Hilo. I’ll try not to envision it.

    Do let me know when you & Kris are back in Volcano. Let’s take a hike together.

    Much aloha, Suzanna

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