Testing, testing…

It’s been so long since I posted to my blog that I wasn’t sure if my account was still active. It is. Thank you, WordPress.com!

It’s been so distressful to watch the news on Facebook. I thought I’d try a return to actually writing stuff instead of 140 character or less posts on Twitter and Facebook. I do love Instagram…just photos, no text. 

We moved up to Volcano full time and love being on the Big Island. Murphy has adapted to the rain and will actually go out in it to do his business. Maddy loves running in the rain and all over our lot. It’s been a challenge living and working in our 900 square foot cottage with most of our stuff in storage. The back bedroom that is designated my office is so cold and damp that we can’t really work back there. It’s so humid that we can’t store envelopes there. Kris’ temporary file cabinet (the cardboard kind) has collapsed from the humidity. 

The good far outweighs the challenges. We’re in rural Volcano Village, just five minutes from the entrance to Volcanoes National Park. Everyone on the East side of the island outside of Hilo is on a water catchment system. We rely on rain for our water supply. Because we have no mail delivery or trash pickup, we go to the post office daily and drop trash weekly. It’s quiet here…birds, crickets and an occasional vehicle down our street. We live in a rainforest with hapu’u (native tree ferns) and ohia. Kris has taken out most of the invasive ginger and he’s planted a few anthuriums and cymbidium. I’m able to pick orchids, camelia and anthuriums for the house. Alstroemerias and calla lilies grown in Volcano are always available at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday. 

Hopefully, the house we’re building will be ready soon and we’ll have a nice big office. My kitchen is looking amazing and I’m looking forward to trying out the new stove. More to come.

We’re still traveling a lot for work. Yesterday we returned from a trip to Cabo San Lucas where we worked to support the photography team for a large software company. It was a little strange for us to just be processing photos and not shooting. I enjoyed it, but I think Kris missed the shooting part.

It feels good to write my first post. I missed having this to return to. If you haven’t given up on me and still follow this blog, please comment. I need all the encourgement I can get!

Ohia lehua…beautiful native.

Alstroemeria…one of my favorite flowers and I can get them in Volcano.

Murphy looking out at the rainforest.

  1. Steve Szabo said:

    Robin! You’re back! I missed your posts. Thanks for returning to them! Steve

  2. Kathy said:

    Yay Robin! Great to hear your voice again! Keep going! Looking forward to seeing photos of your new home…

  3. David Bloyd said:

    Aloha, Robin. Great to see your blog again. As I read what you had to say, I could just “see” what you were talking about—could almost smell the flowers! Nice to know that all is well and that you’re still enjoying your work. My best to Kris’’.

    David Bloyd (and Tammy)

  4. Cora said:

    SO glad to see you and Kris are doing well, that the house is coming along so nicely and that you’re starting to post on your blog again! Best wishes to you both. Much aloha as always.

  5. Barb sasaki said:

    Yay! You are back! I’ve missed your updates and have even been tempted to restart my old blog. Love you

  6. Glad to hear you’re not living at the Post Office full time anymore. Remember, the Halle Berry is available for rent by the week or month. Best to Kris and the weasels. Beautiful images, BTW. Love you, Jim

  7. Tracy said:

    I missed your blog…always interesting to see inside your head!

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