Phenology – Volcano 1

We had to clear a lot of the forest to build our home. Now that our house is complete, we plan to plant a garden to fill the area and make it healthy again. Here are two views of the area in front of our house.

IMG_3474IMG_3469Pretty barren except for the citrus trees Kris planted a few weeks ago. There’s a navel orange, Meyer lemon, yuzu,, and makrut (better known as kaffir lime). The yuzu came with fruit and I’ve harvested about a dozen. It’s the most fragrant citrus and I don’t think there is a substitute for it. Here is the last of the fruit that was on the tree…you can see new growth and we’re hoping it will be a healthy, happy tree.


The Meyer lemon has tiny buds and I can’t wait for juicy fruit. Meyer lemons are the best.

IMG_3476I just love finding subtle and not so subtle changes. Plants offer that endlessly. Here is the beginning of a fern frond. It will unfurl and become a huge feathery leaf. And this hau tree poked its branches out of the forest and started blooming…its blossoms are brilliant yellow.


And this lichen…so beautiful.


  1. Suzanna Valerie said:

    Dear Robin,
    Beautiful photos. Love reading your thoughts about your lovely plants. Look forward to seeing your garden grow. I’ll bet you’re loving living in your beautiful new home. Worth the long wait I’m sure. You were so patient.
    We’re blessed to have you living full time in our neighborhood, Robin
    Hugs, Suzanna

    • Thank you, Suzanna. We’re so happy to be in the neighborhood. It’s great seeing you and Paul and the doggies!

  2. Priscilla Hall said:

    Hi Robin, writing you from Massachusetts. Congrats upon the completion of your home! Are you no longer in Kaneohe? World travelers that you and Kris are, you should come visit us some summer that you may be passing through Boston. Priscilla

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