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I remember 911. My sister-in-law called and asked us to turn on the television…I NEVER do that. I thought I was watching a futuristic movie. The scene of the Twin Towers being hit was surreal…beyond that.

We didn’t work that day. My assistant and I watched the news all day as if that would make what happened believable. After all these years, it’s still beyond my comprehension. The evil was tremendous…the strength of human spirit emerged. Truly we can never forget.


My sister-in-law called early and said turn on your television. Like many others, I thought I was watching part of a sci-fi movie. There was something eerie about the clip. It took a while to realize that this was happening now. I could not fathom the enormity of what I was seeing. No!!!! Not real!!! I felt horrified and sick and lost. I spent the day with my co-worker watching the news unfold reporting loss of life that was impossible to comprehend.

May we someday learn interdependence, compassion and acceptance so that all beings of the universe can live in peace.