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I’ve been wanting to post about a blog that I love – Spoon and Tamago. It’s based in Tokyo and NYC. The posts that are my favorites are written by the editor in chief, Johnny Strategy…love his name!

The blog shares Japanese designs, art, and architecture. It is so fascinating. Let me share some of the posts. For more information on these, click on the image and it will take you to the original post on Spoon and Tamago.

Postcards for the New Year are huge in Japan and are mostly themed around the Chinese zodiac. So for 2015, it’s the year of the sheep.


Paintings that spill off the canvas onto the wall.


The custest tea bag holder ever:


Amazing bouquets of flowers frozen in ice:


Cats and sushi…


Goldfish in bubble wrap:


Goldfish in bubble wrap

The site also has a shop that carries some of the items they post about.

During the Thanksgiving weekend, many artists show their work in their homes around the Village.

I was able to sneek out for a quick peek at my favorites and I wanted to share two of them.

I visited Mary and Ken Goodrich’s home and loved their latest folios. They were exquisitely printed  sets of black and white images. They are truly a talented couple and very generous in sharing knowledge.

I’ve been admiring is Rising Mist, one of Mary’s images. I now am a proud owner of a matted print.

Rising Mist by Mary Goodrich

The image is on her home page. Here’s a link to Mary’s site: And a link to their photo retreat site:

Lisa Louise Adams is one of the most productive artists I know. She made these fun mini-vases – hundreds of them. I had to have one and found that it’s perfect to display tiny, delicate cigar flowers. Here’s a link to her site:

I’ve been enjoying Kat Sloma’s photography blog. She so generously shares information about photography with helpful lessons that inspire. Recently, she organized a postcard swap called Liberate Your Art 2012. The instructions were simple, you send in six cards with postage to Kat in Corvallis, Oregon. I’m not sure how she did this, but she mailed each of the 193 artists five cards plus one of hers.

Here are the stats of participation:
1152 individual pieces of art liberated
193 artists participating
11 countries represented

Here are the wonderful cards I received.

The card with the four happy singing birds  was from Joanna Crompton in New Zealand who contacted me via Facebook. Here’s a link to her blog: I was able to send her a postcard and hope to keep in touch with her by following her blog and FB posts.

Please let me know if you sent the other cards I received. I will add your info to this post.

I love that these artists came together with nothing more than an interest in sharing. Thank you, Kat Sloma!