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My fabulous aunties came over for lunch today.
They love healthy, but tasty food and wine and I absolutely love preparing food for them. Today I made a composed salad. On a bed of lightly dressed Nalo greens and watercress, I put a ton of stuff arranged like pieces of pie on top – roasted Brussel sprouts, Heirloom tomatoes tossed in olive oil with basil chiffonade, and a shaved fennel salad tossed in lime juice and olive oil. I had a red skinned potato so that was boiled, sliced and dressed with a little olive oil. It was fun to alternate the colors to make it all look pretty.
I think I found the secret to perfectly cooked eggs. Bring eggs to room temperature and put them in a pot with enough water to cover them. When they come to a boil start a timer for five minutes. After five mnutes, take them off the heat immediately and run cold water over them. Let them sit in the cold water for four minutes. I get pretty consistent results using this method. The eggs were quartered and added to the salad. Of course there are always variables like the age of the egg and it’s size – it’s cooking!
I got some perfectly ripe avocados and added cubes of these babies. At Sunday’s farmer’s market in Kailua, a girl was selling pickled beets from Maui Preserved and they are awesome so I added them as well. A while ago I found a huge yellow platter at a garage sale. It’s the ideal thing for serving grilled vegetables or a salad like this…makes everything look so happy! The salad with a sparkling rose from Spain was a perfect light, but celebratory lunch.
Kris loves cheesecake so my aunts stopped at Otto Cheesecake’s new location in Kaimuki for slices for dessert. Perfect!