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When I was in Bhutan, I saw a monk who told fortunes or something like that. I’m not a believer in this stuff, but it was fun. He said that I should have this guy around. It’s Vajrapani.

From Wildmind: “Vajrapani (Holder of the Thunderbolt) represents the energy of the enlightened mind, and energy that breaks through delusion. He dances wildly within a halo of flames, which represent the transformative power of Awakening. He holds a vajra (thunderbolt) in his right hand, which emphasizes the power to cut through the darkness of delusion.”

My dear teacher sent me a postcard of Vajrapani right after the monk gave me this information. I thought that was interesting.

I keep this postcard on my desk and photographed it to archive it. Recently, I’ve been playing with a paint app on my iPhone called AutoPainter3. It does, as its name suggests, automatically applies a painting style to the photograph. It’s a little heavy handed for my taste so I imported the original and the painted version into Photoshop where I could control the amount of “paint” applied. So far I’m liking it. I’m especially liking playing with my iPhone. It’s just my go to camera now!

Playing with image

Playing with image