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In attempt to reduce the clutter in our closets, I’m giving weaving a try. Hand-woven fabric (even my beginner piece) shows off beautiful fiber. I’m using Noro Silk Garden, a Japanese silk and wool yarn. It’s self- striping and it is not lending itself well to weaving. But it’s still beautiful yarn and it’s my first ever piece.


A wonderful friend and artist, Linda Danielson makes dolls of objects she finds. She lives in Sooke outside of Victoria on Vancouver Island . They are whimsical, brilliant works of art.

We met her one night at the Sooke Harbour House Restaurant. Our friends told us about this fabulous place where the food is fresh and the gardens are full of herbs and edible flowers. She was our server, one of the true professionals left in the world of dining out. I’m not sure how we found out that she made these wonderful dolls, but I was lucky enough to acquire one of them.

The girl that I have has a moon face. I call her Luna and I think I got her name from Linda. Luna holds a sea urchin and that connects her to the ocean. She’s been with me for many years and she connects me to the moon and ocean and I love that.

Linda recently sent me a photo of Woodpecker Dreams of Dragons. Wow! He is amazing…just stunning.