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IMG_0162 I’m teaching iPhone camera workshops and loving every minute. I promised the most recent class that I would give them a list of apps that we talked about in class as well as apps that we didn’t have time to cover. This is a short list of the apps I use most often. Please feel free to add any that you’ve discovered in the comments. With so many apps out there, there is much to explore. It’s so exciting!

Camera+ (be sure to get the one made by Tap Tap) – This is the best camera app that I’ve found. It’s good for processing (cropping, straightening, correcting exposure and color), has pretty good effects with good controls. I use this app in place of the camera app that comes with the iPhone because it has so much more functionality.
Pro HDR – Best app I’ve found for HDR (high dynamic range). When the scene has a dark foreground and bright background, this app takes two photos and combines them. You can use this for some cool double exposure effects.
Snapseed – Does a pretty good job of an HDR treatment even if you don’t use the app to take the shot. Has some great filters for a distressed look.
Waterlogue – A favorite of a famous football coach who took the class. Turns your photos into a watercolor painting. If you have an image you love that’s not technically perfect, try Waterlogue to give it a different look and forgive the imperfections.
AristaOil – This is good one for an oil painting look.  Maintains more detail than Waterlogue.
Blender – Easy to use to combine two images. Just import the two images to combine and adjust the opacity to your liking.
Photogene2 – For processing – has cool collages and effects. It also will watermark your photos (that makes it harder for thieves to steal your masterpieces).
Book-making apps for the iPhone or iPad:
SimplePrints ($29.99 for 20 pages) or Mosaic ($20 for 20 pages – shipping is $10). Mosaic makes a cool-looking mosaic cover. SimplePrints will give you more control – you can put multiple images on a page.
Lenslight – This app has great flares and colored filters, bokeh lights and the effects are editable.
Instaeffect – Layers rainbows, colors over the photo and you can adjust the opacity. Very fun!
Shapely – Put an image in a heart or teardrop, add texture and color.
Flipagram – make mini video clips from your photos, choose your music and share.
PixlrExpress+ – Free app that has a fun interface. Periodically, it has seasonal graphics packs that are also free – like Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. Use it when you want to add text to your photo.
Tangent – Adds geometric shapes.
Slow Shutter Cam – Use this for slow shutter effects – long exposures and light trail effects.

I also promised a link to the iPhone case with the strap that I adore. It’s I wish I had thought of this.

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 10.34.51 AM


I signed up for Franco’s class at Pacific New Media called Memoir: Image and Word/Word and Image. I figure I better sit down and write. Combining words and images is something Franco is amazing at. Many of the photographers I admire are wonderful writers. I think that the right words accompanying images can strengthen them. I want to write because I believe that it’s an important part of the creative process.

This morning I’m having a cup of Morning Joe from Trader Joe’s. The coffee has a roasted nuttiness and no bitter aftertaste. It’s a little weak today. Everyday it’s different. Inconsistent just like me. This morning the cup I picked is one from Fika in New York City. It’s a porcelain version of a disposable cup and I love it’s feel.

Goddess in Volcano

Goddess in Volcano

We’ve been so lucky to have spent the holidays in Volcano. We’ve been up here since November and love the cool weather. Even when it rains, it’s beautiful.

Maddy especially loves it here. She can go on walks without a leash and play at the Volcano charter school with her friends – a border collie, two Rhodesian ridgebacks, three Irish setters and a boxer. At home she loves lounging by the wood-burning stove.

Maddy Lounging.

Maddy Lounging.

This year we made our kadomatsu out of bamboo from our yard and Tsugi pine(Japanese cedar) from a nearby tree. It’s our non-traditional version of the Japanese New Year decoration symbolizing longevity and prosperity.

Murphy and our kadomatsu

Murphy and our kadomatsu

Every year on New Year’s Day, I make o-zōni, Japanese soup with mochi (rice cakes). This year, I used the bones from an onaga (the most delicious of fish in Hawaii) to make the stock. Vegetables were juliennned carrots,radishes and sliced mizuna. We didn’t make it to any mochi pounding events, but one of our neighbors brought us some to toast for our soup.

Ozoni 2013

Ozoni 2013

Kris and I went for a walk in Volcanoes National Park along the rim of Kilauea Iki. What a fabulous way to begin the New Year. Happy 2013!!

Composite - Walk in the Park.

Composite – Walk in the Park.



Today we went on a photo shoot at a black and green sand beach with the Hilo Photo Club led by Robert Frutos, a nature photographer who runs photo tours on the Big Island. It’s a little known spot that requires a high clearance vehicle to access.

When I got there, I was disappointed with the light. The sky was super bright and the lava…well, the lava is dark. No big surprise. Lava is great to photograph when there is a little directional light on it. The beach looked a dirty brown rather than the shades of black and green that one can see at close range. The black and green occur from the mix of lava and olivine. Somehow they separate enough to cause beautiful patterns.

I was using Kris’ 5D Mark II and we discovered that one of the dials was inoperable. We weren’t able to change ISO and shutter speed. I went to the iPhone to see what was possible. On the ride over, I experimented with SlowShutter Cam.

On the Road to the Sea and on the shoreline, I went back to shooting with my go-to Camera+. Love it for shooting and processing:



More Slow Shutter Cam:

wpid-img_3720-2012-12-2-21-59.jpgwpid-img_3721-2012-12-2-21-59.jpgThese are the modes available in Slow Shutter Cam:

Automatic is like shutter priority. Changing freeze frame to save and you can change your exposure.
Manual mode lets you change your exposure.
Light Trail allows you to paint with light
If you want to learn more about exactly how it works here’s a link to the online instructions: