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I’ve been wanting to post about a blog that I love – Spoon and Tamago. It’s based in Tokyo and NYC. The posts that are my favorites are written by the editor in chief, Johnny Strategy…love his name!

The blog shares Japanese designs, art, and architecture. It is so fascinating. Let me share some of the posts. For more information on these, click on the image and it will take you to the original post on Spoon and Tamago.

Postcards for the New Year are huge in Japan and are mostly themed around the Chinese zodiac. So for 2015, it’s the year of the sheep.


Paintings that spill off the canvas onto the wall.


The custest tea bag holder ever:


Amazing bouquets of flowers frozen in ice:


Cats and sushi…


Goldfish in bubble wrap:


Goldfish in bubble wrap

The site also has a shop that carries some of the items they post about.

While I was in cooking class, Kris took a train…several trains and a bus out to Jigokudani Park to photograph the snow monkeys or Japanese macaques in the hot springs. He got some amazing photos¬†of these creatures. They are wild and come to the hot springs in the cold months for the soothing heat of the hot springs…like us!

Here’s a link to the web gallery of his photos:¬†


I had ambitious plans to blog every day in Japan and have failed. At the end of the day, it’s all I can do to get our photos downloaded from our cameras and backed up. So I’ve lowered the bar and will post an iPhone photo a day. I have three days of catching up to do.
I’m posting a lot more on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It’s easy…one post to Instagram goes to all four. My Instagram handle is @hiphotog. On Twitter, it’s @robinscanlon.
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IMG_2867.JPGTofu Kaiseki

IMG_2829.JPGKano River, Kyoto