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A while ago, we went to an orchid show and I bought a miniature lotus. I’ve always wanted a lotus because of the symbolism used in Buddhism. The beautiful lotus grows in murky muddy water…a reminder of the possibilities. And the lotus is just stunning.

The miniature lotus grows in a water bowl about two feet in diameter and two feet deep. It needs full sun to bloom and a pretty long day. So this one bloomed just after the Spring Equinox. It blooms about a month after you notice a tiny bud coming up and only lasts a day. I go crazy with my iPhone when it’s blooming.

“No Mud, No Lotus.” Thich Nhat Hahn


This version is edited in a Beta version of Affinity on my laptop. I like the coolness of the image.


This one was edited in Camera+, my favorite iPhone camera app. I use it to shoot almost everything. Painted in Waterlogue

This is the same image using Waterlogue on the iPhone for the watercolor painting effect. 


This one is a view peering into the flower. The pod grows into a shower head. I’ll post a photo when it’s ready.

We have a miniature lotus in a water pot that I’ve treasured. I threatened its life by introducing another water plant with the sweetest little white flower into the pot. As I naively admired the little white flowers that bloomed daily, I didn’t think about what was going on beneath the surface. One day, I thought I would thin out the new plant as it had spread across three fourths of the surface of the pot. I discovered that it’s roots had overtaken the container my lotus was in. I tried to pull out the roots, but was afraid of killing the lotus as well.

Kris saved the original lotus and separated it so that we have three, maybe four plants now. Our first lotus bud appeared two days ago, too. Yay! Moral of the story is to beware of those cute, sweet things. Ha!