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I’ve been dragging my feet to get back to my blog. For some reason everything I think about isn’t important or interesting enough. I’m afraid I’m going to bore anyone who might happen upon my blog. The longer I’ve procrastinated, the harder it becomes. Now it seems that what I post has got to be really interesting and important. Ha! I realize that whatever I write about will never be enough. So I’ll just dive in. Start where you are.
I’m going to start with my morning routine or, rather, the routine I would like to have. My morning routine is one of no routine. It depends on how tired or hungover I am and where I am (we travel a lot).
In order to quit wasting time and to start doing what I really want to do, I’m going to get myself into a routine. That is going to mean getting up earlier. It’s going to mean dedicating certain times for checking social media. I may need a twelve step program to accomplish this as I’m addicted in a huge way!
So here’s the plan. I get up just before the sun rises to do zazen (zen meditation). I love the sun rising as I meditate…the room slowly getting light. It’s such a wonderful way to ease into the start of the day.

Yes...very stark. Zazen is done with eyes lowered facing a wall. Interesting, huh? Not!

Yes…very stark. Zazen is done with eyes lowered facing a wall. Interesting, huh? Not!

Then I will make myself a cup of coffee or tea. My favorite coffee is one a small grower in Ka’u and my favorite tea is genmai cha out of a Clayton Amemiya tea cup. I will sit at the table that looks out at ohia trees to write Morning Pages. It’s a bitch fest on paper and it really is a great way to start a day. So often the bitch fest takes a positive turn and I’m ready to go with what is needed. In a Tim Ferriss blog post (I think he’s a brilliant lunatic), he mentions Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages. Her guideline is to write three pages in longhand. I’m going to give myself the freedom to stop when I want to. I just am not disciplined and would rather not set myself up to fail. I’ve found that when I have had the Morning Pages habit, things go better for me. I can easily see how I did and track where my brain is taking me.

Moleskine notebook and Midori traveler's notebook. IPad. Clayton teacup.

Moleskine notebook and Midori traveler’s notebook. IPad. Clayton teacup.

So there it is. My first blog post of the year in all its boring glory. I certainly hope it gets better. Thanks for reading if you made it this far. I hope you stay with me.
How do you start your morning? What is your routine and how do you stick to it? Inquiring minds want to know. Please comment.