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While on a job on Kaua’i, I stumbled upon Makai Sushi, a sushi counter located in a local grocery store. The owner/sushi chef was super cute and friendly. He also served delicious fresh sushi. The menu was limited to a few items done well. I had the hapa roll, meaning half. The ahi/blue crab combo could be ordered as a hand roll, a regular roll or a bowl. It was fresh and delicious as Matt made everything to order.


I’ve been wanting to post about a blog that I love – Spoon and Tamago. It’s based in Tokyo and NYC. The posts that are my favorites are written by the editor in chief, Johnny Strategy…love his name!

The blog shares Japanese designs, art, and architecture. It is so fascinating. Let me share some of the posts. For more information on these, click on the image and it will take you to the original post on Spoon and Tamago.

Postcards for the New Year are huge in Japan and are mostly themed around the Chinese zodiac. So for 2015, it’s the year of the sheep.


Paintings that spill off the canvas onto the wall.


The custest tea bag holder ever:


Amazing bouquets of flowers frozen in ice:


Cats and sushi…


Goldfish in bubble wrap:


Goldfish in bubble wrap

The site also has a shop that carries some of the items they post about.

Bara Sushi

I believe this was the first thing I ever made. At the time I was living in Portland, Oregon and it was my first time away from home. More than anything, I missed the food. One of my aunts told me that if I could read, I could cook and mom sent me a copy of the Honpa Hongwanji Cookbook. I’ve modified the su (vinegar mixture for the rice) and simplified the preparation of the veggies.

This is dish I make often – it’s portable and great to take to potlucks. For New Year’s lunch, I used matsutake mushrooms that I bought from a paper-making factor in Bhutan – strange place to find them!

6 cups rice
6 cups water

Sugar – 3/8 cup
Salt – 2 1/2 T.
Rice vinegar – 1 cup

Carrots – 2 medium
Beans – 15 beans (I like the Blue Lake beans)
Shiitake mushrooms – 8 (rehydrated)

Cook the rice. While the rice is cooking, make the su by combining theĀ  ingredients in a saucepan. Heat until the sugar is completely dissolved and then bring to room temperature.

Cut the beans and carrots into small cubes. Parboil beans, carrots, and mushrooms in a small amount of water (about 3 T) with salt.

When rice is done, let stir the rice. Let is sit for about 20 minutes.
Then add the su mixture a little at a time until rice is flavored the way you like it. Taste it as you go.

Then add the veggies and mix gently. Garnish with furikake or ao nori.